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This blog is about my new journey with fibromyalgia…

Live from Fibro Land

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Hello everyone, my name is Aman.  I’m a 29 year-old girl from California that would like to share my fibromyalgia experience with the Universe.  I was diagnosed 4 months ago (Feb 2010), but had been seeing about a dozen doctors, (in the course of a year) just trying to figure out what was going on, with what started as just a muscle flare from some stress.

First I got diagnosed with “myofacial pain syndrome” because my muscles would not heal.  A few months later after getting some trigger point injections to help the flare, my fibromyalgia arrived, with a beach ball and a large towel to soak up my tears.

For the first few months, I was hit with exhaustion, from head to toe, and that was after, getting about 12 hours of sleep. I mean, I had to sit on my shower ledge, just to brush my teeth because standing was so difficult.  It would be so difficult to make myself things to eat, laundry or even clean.  I was super sensitive to the rain (it rattled my nerves), it kept me from sleeping (it felt like someone was holding up a flourescent light in front of my face).  At that point, you know that there is some major dysfunction going on inside your body/brain.

I broke down and did research, and I mean, LOADS of research.  I joined groups, adopted a food journal, changed my diet, changed my environment (stress is a major inducer), invited in spa/healing music as a daily part of my life, and much more.  I am at a stage now where I can manage my life, although sometimes I just don’t want to/or can do things I’d like to.  Choosing a lifestyle that supports a fibromyalgia sufferer, is very difficult, I didn’t realize what kind of journey I was up until, I started living with this thing.  I have much to share and still, have so much research to do, I hope to connect with many of you in my journey…

Peace 🙂



Written by Mobile Speech Pathologists

June 11, 2010 at 4:13 am

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