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Serotonin, anxiety, short resiliency…

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So, I have confirmed that I have low serotonin levels.  I’ve been noticing that I have a significantly reduced amount of pain while I am taking an over the counter serotonin supplement like Sam-e, which I was originally taking for joint pain (I have developed severe arthritis from the fibromyalgia).  Without the serotonin boost, my muscles stay in a “flare” state, making it hard for me to manage pain at a tolerable level.  I also notice a number of emotional symptoms, like nervousness, anxiety, short resiliency to deal with things, etc…when I don’t take a serotonin supplement.  I am sure that every person that has come to know they have fibromyalgia, can go back a few years and start noticing a pattern of symptoms leading up to the final activation of it in their bodies.  For example,  I am experiencing frequent anxiety and panic like symptoms (which I am not used to).  But, I also noticed a few years ago, my heart started racing (at least on two occasions), before I had a job interview.  I can remember times that I have had a short resiliency to deal with things and accepting change seemed like such a stressful task.

I know many people are on SSRI’s for fibromyalgia but I just don’t want to go down that route if I don’t have to.  My diet is very strict and I maintain this type of diet so I don’t have to take any prescription meds.  I feel that with SSRI’s I would develop additional symptoms.

I’m going to stick to the Sam-e and maybe even try out 5Ht-P with the rest of my vitamins.  I am still hoping that  longterm supplementaion of the right nutrients will eventually enable my body to revert back to working how it used to and heal the muscle, knots, etc..

What is sad is that my doctor didn’t tell me that this serotonin issue is very common to develop as a secondary problem in fibromyalgia.  I am so disappointed in western medicine!!  I am feeling more like myself and am thankful for all of the information about fibromyalgia studies on the internet!

Here is a link to a great article:


Written by Mobile Speech Pathologists

August 12, 2010 at 5:41 pm

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