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Some Doctors are Quacks

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I don’t trust doctors and never will after my experience with Fibromyalgia and the western medical system.

In my journey in trying to figure out what was wrong with me, my doctor at Kaiser referred me around for a muscle strain for almost 5 months after I was trying to explain to her it might have been more than that. I went to two spine doctors, two physiotherapists, two rehab doctors, two neurologists, a rheumatoid doctor, 2 physical therapists, a chiropractor, two orthopedic doctors, three acupuncturists, had MRI’s (several), X-rays, EMG’s, medical massages and all kinds of blood tests. I think I seen about 15 doctors and was at Kaiser, every other week for over 1 year.

I learned quite a bit about the hospital system in this process. It took me 3 months to get an appointment in “chronic pain management” at Kaiser after I was diagnosed. Once I got the appointment, the doctor (who was very rude to me), explained to me how “frustrated” the doctors were in treating these people with fibromyalgia and similarly the patients were just as frustrated.

I thought this was a pretty shitty thing to say, considering the doctor is not in pain 24 hours a day, and who is not the one that needs help, yet has full access to research studies and benefits that could have been provided to me to improve my life. He talked about a bunch of fluff that I already knew and as I sat there and listened to him, all I could think about was the time that I had been waiting to see him…three months for what seemed to be him trying to bullshit me out of a meeting because he didn’t want to make an effort to help me.

What I got was a prescription for some muscle relaxers and a suggestion to go watch some videos to familiarize myself with my new condition. He also told me that I was ALWAYS going to have it, and there was no reversing it.

The reason I will never trust another doctor is that not one of these doctors mentioned to me that I might be able to start taking care of myself if I were to stop eating gluten and yeast products. How could you miss something so important? How could you not tell me that I was going to basically going to start to have a variety of altitude like symptoms if I ate certain things….like aspartame, yeast, gluten, sugar, etc.

How could a doctor miss something like that?

To add to that, in the process I was willing to try to see if steroid shots would maybe reverse the knots and had a rehab doctor give me some shots. It appears that the doctor had never given shots before, and injected me in the wrong layer of my skin, giving me severe skin atrophy!


Written by Mobile Speech Pathologists

September 4, 2010 at 7:21 am

Posted in Trial and Error

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