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Substituting Sam-e with EPA/DHA supplement

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I did a transition from Sam-e to a high potency EPA/DHA supplement and the results were so amazing I had to blog about it.

All of the “head symptoms” I was having are gone. I had to drop Sam-e because it was too harsh on my stomach and it also made me not want to eat….for weeks at a time.

I now have my appetite back. I thought I initially needed the Sam-e for osteo pain that the fibromyalgia was giving me, but it looks like it was the added serotonin inhibiter that was reducing my pain. WEIRD.

I started taking a Calcium/Vitamin D supplement (a more absorbable one) and my osteo pain has decreased significantly (also in combination with folic acid and biotin) which gave me reason to kick old Sam-e in the butt.

After I transitioned to the EPA/DHA supplement, I noticed my anxiety symptoms, as well as the pain I get in the heels of my feet stopped. I also feel like my “fibro fog” isn’t so bad. My concentration is better and I’m not slurring/stuttering my speech or having a hard time retrieving words, like I sometimes feel with some of fibromyalgia’s “head symptoms.”

Definitely try a high potency DHA/EPA rather than Sam-e to see if its “less harsh” on your body and mind. I also read about another study that stated the patients said they also had better concentration abilities.


Written by Mobile Speech Pathologists

September 21, 2010 at 7:37 am

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  1. Which EPA/DHA supplement did you find was most effective?

    Thanks in advance,



    May 20, 2011 at 8:53 pm

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