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Most Updated Post – It wasn’t Fibromyalgia – it was LYME DISEASE (please read if you have fibro))

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If you have fibromyaglia you are obligated to do a Lyme PCR test. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, even after telling my doctor I had these red rashes that appeared underneath my skin and she wrote it off. She even seen me go from doctor to doctor, to doctor, and doctor, just to stick me in chronic pain management and diagnose me with “fibromyalgia”

I’m posting here to say, I remember when I had ALL of the “fibromyalgia” symptoms. I’m MUCH better now.
I used to react to the weather, I used to feel this throbbing in my head, had major anxiety, and just couldn’t even ben in a room full of a lot of people. My muscle pain was (and still is) relentless, and so is the pain in my bones. This WHOLE TIME, I thought I could have had Lyme Disease, but after I was given the tests, they were negative. Could you believe what tests though? The ELISA, which is considered THE WORST LYME TEST IN THE WORLD! My doctor didn’t tests were highly faulty, she just said “you don’t have Lyme.” She also didn’t tell me about how important it is for early treatment with Lyme Disease. The ONLY test anyone should be getting if they suspect Lyme Disease, or Fibromyalgia is the LYME DISEASE PCR test. If you have a Fibro diagnosis, please, please, please, pleaseeeeeeee, get a LYME PCR test, what would it hurt to rule out. I’m afraid of how many doctors keep diagnosing patients with this bogus diagnosis – we need to figure out which is causing the fibro symptoms, I’m sure it is some virus, and I’m afraid that probably 80% of people with Fibro, actually have Lyme Disease, to know for sure, you can only be evaluated by a Lyme Disease doctor. Nobody else.

Lyme comes in “stages” So trust me, you don’t want to think you have Fibro Fog when you actually have neurological Lyme Disease that is going to grow worse and damage your brain. Since there is major politics behind the validity of the tests, as well as the treatment, one can hardly count on their doctor anymore to protect their health when it comes to this disease, at this in my experience it has been this way.

If you’ve been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, although both very real diseases, they should not be given as a diagnosis without ruling out the chance of having Lyme Disease, which to me, is almost the same disease. My “Lyme Disease” stayed in my upper body for two years before it traveled to other areas. Had I did better research, better than these doctors we have at these hospitals, I would have saved myself from all of this.

I was going to delete this blog all together because I started a Lyme Blog, but I’m going to leave it in hopes of saving someone’s life.

Get the right diagnosis, and figure out what is wrong, in the meantime, use an infrared sauna if you can, get some cat’s claw from whole foods, and start some detoxing protocols, even if you don’t have Lyme – detox you body if you have fibro of CFS, that’s KEY, key to mental health, key to keeping it going………detox through your skin with epson salt, infrared salt, or use binders like Zeolite clay, or Charcoal, and feel the difference!

PS. If you need to get tested, the lab to request the test kit is called Igenex in Palo Alto CA.
If you need help paying for the Lyme tests, Google “Lymetap” program and you will get a program
that will pay for 70% of the lab fees associated with initial Lyme testing.


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  1. I have fibro, have had for about 15 yrs…about 10 yrs ago i tested positive for rocky mountain spotted tick fever. It was just blown off, bcaz as u say early diagnoses and treatment is key. I know my brain fog is much worse now that 5 yrs ago. I feel lost. i’m 53 yrs old and feel like i’m 80. my 86 yr old mother is by far healthier mentally than i am. Now what is there hope???? my fibro doesn’t bother me too much any more i think bcaz im just used to it.


    January 21, 2014 at 9:51 pm

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