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 When my rheumatoidologist dropped the news, he said…

“You need to marry a REALLY nice guy.  Someone that is going to do your 2 am baby feedings for you, because you are going to have some problems sleeping.  You cannot be disturbed, if you do, you will be in pain and have exhaustion the next day.”

I didn’t know what he was talking about until I started laying in bed looking like the person on the left.  At that point, I knew that I definitely had fibromyalgia.

I would call my mom, when I would be up really late, because it is pretty scary at first when your sleeping disorder sets in.  Lucky for me, I also picked up an anxiety symptom so calling my mother on sleepless nights always helped because she would calm me down. We would talk for almost an hour each time before I finally said, “Ok, I’m going to try to sleep now.”  It would always be hours until I really fell asleep, sometimes, even 5 a.m.

I had to take prescription drugs to sleep and hated taking them.  Soon after this period, I dropped the prescriptions and started taking 5mg of Melatonin (its natural), which was working great.  Sometimes I slept too much, so I cut the pill in half and was only taking 2.5 mg.  I got sick of taking Melatonin as well and instead opted to do a 360 degree change in my diet.

I went, GLUTEN FREE, and that week, I experienced my first dream (I didnt dream for almost a year prior to this).  I had hot flashes, and was finally able to reach a deep sleep stage.  If you have fibromyalgia, chances are, you have major sleeping issues.  I can manage it at times (not all the time), but most of the time.  With PMS, I definitely cannot control the sleep disorder, and must take something to go to sleep.  When a healthy human being, is trying to sleep, stress can naturally keep them up, but if you have fibromyalgia and have STRESS, sometimes its impossible to sleep, at least for me.


Written by Mobile Speech Pathologists

June 11, 2010 at 4:13 am

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