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Gluten/Yeast Free & Raw Foods

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I could honestly say that going gluten free pretty much changed my life.  I had a profound difference in symptoms after going on this diet.  Before this diet I was feeling exhausted from head to toe, 24-hours a day.  I still get tired, and have other pain, manageable pain on some days, but not fatigue as chronic as before.

I kept a food journal and this is what I changed:

No Caffeine

No Aspartame  (yogurts, diet anything)

No Wheat Flour

No Gluten

No Soda

No Soy

No Frozen/Processed Foods

No Yeast (no beer, pizza, etc, seasoned nuts)

No Dairy

No Sugar (a little is okay, large amounts give me migraines and inreases arthritis pain)


So, this was really hard to do, but I have no choice.  I do cheat, with some diary, like cheese and once in a while have some milk even if it hurts.  There is no way I would be able to do this if i didn’t have fibromyalgia, but being forced to do it, I realized how bad the food we eat really is.  Its horrible, from the aspartame in the sugar free products to the crap that is in our flour (gluten–which is in everything)!!!!

If you really want to know if gluten makes it worse, just eat a lot of teriyaki sauce, that always does the trick for me. OR, just eat anything from Panera Bread, like a baguette, and you will know almost instantly, if your fibromyalgia is anything like mine.  I have been in love with Panera’s baguettes for a long time.  Unfortunately for me when I eat them OR their macaroni and cheese, my mood literally changes, and my flare starts being activated.  I guess I should also add that I am more afraid of YEAST than GLUTEN since it gives me a set of wild symptoms, especially insomnia.  So, I havent had any pizza for awhile and had to give up beer.  I hope some of these significant changes that I’ve experienced will inspire you to start your own food journal to see what your sensitivities are!

Spending loads of time in the kitchen,

Aman 🙂


Written by Mobile Speech Pathologists

June 11, 2010 at 7:41 am

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