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Vitamins For Proper Thyroid Support

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from Author: Alex Trem

In the society of today people are becoming obsessed with physical look, staying in shape and basically avoiding being over weight. What many of these people don’t realize is that, the nature of being over weight mainly depends on a person’s metabolism. And since the hormonal management of the metabolism is mainly controlled by the thyroid gland, a problem with this gland can cause many of the problems mentioned above. Fortunately following a proper diet and providing the right nutrient to your body can minimize most thyroid problem and offer healthy thyroid support

It has been discovered that the micro nutrients we intake in to our body has a strong relationship with the thyroid hormones, which includes, retinol, selenium, zinc, and alpha-tocopherol. Scientists believe that by studying vitamins effect on the human body, they can find a solution to common thyroid diseases and allow its patient to live a healthier life.

Short version of what you need for proper Thyroid support: If your here to quickly see what type of thyroid supplements you should take make sure it’s a strong multivitamin (information on best multivitamins here) which basically means it has most of the usual vitamins but it especially needs to be a source of vitamin C and E to make sure you have many antioxidants. Having some essential fatty acids such as omega 3 to take advantage of the fish oil benefits and zinc are also helpful. Their are many others as you can see below that will be explained in detail but most thyroid supplements should have these but you can double check. Also, it’s been said that it’s preferable for those in need of thyroid vitamins that they take them in the form of liquid vitamins and minerals for quick absorption and high potency. Of course, you might opt to simply add these vitamins in great amounts to your everyday diet which is always the best solution!

There are mainly two different types of thyroid diseases which effects people, Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism. The first is caused by an under-active thyroid gland and the second is caused by an over-active thyroid gland. The symptoms of Hypothyroidism include Depression, Weight Gain, Constipation, Nervousness, Fatigue, Insomnia, Weakness, Poor Memory and Immune System Problems, where as the symptoms of Hyperthyroidism include Heat, loss of breath, bowel function, loss of weight, warm and wet skin, and even loss of hair. Fortunately most of these symptoms can be fought off with properly supplementing the body with thyroid vitamins.

The reason why vitamins can help with thyroid diseases is because the thyroid is strongly connected to the immune system, and it is basically common knowledge that having a diet with many immune system vitamins is essential for a strong immune system, and a strong immune system can offer proper thyroid support.

The thyroid vitamins that are required for natural thyroid support include vitamin B, C, E and coenzyme Q10 along side copper, zinc, and amino acid tyrosine. These vitamins and minerals help the thyroid in its basic functioning. Vitamin B and C are especially useful in getting the thyroid back to health when faced with problems. If you’re looking for thyroid supplements than most likely they will contain some of these vitamins and nutrients. It’s your choice whether to get them from a healthy diet that includes all of the best vitamins or from supplements.

Although studies still continues, it has already been proven that a healthy body requires a healthy thyroid and proper thyroid support can be effectively be achieved by supplementing your diet with the proper vitamins and minerals. Considering the large number of problems that can occur due to an unhealthy thyroid, it is important for all to know the proper vitamins that can help with these problems, and supplement their diet with them.


Written by Mobile Speech Pathologists

September 10, 2010 at 9:25 pm

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